• Introduction to AI/ML (13-18 yrs)
Introduction to AI/ML (13-18 yrs)
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May 25, 2024  -  May 27, 2024
6:30 AM  -  8:00 AM
Sri Sri Academy, 37A, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027
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Introduction to AI/ML (13-18 yrs)

AI/ML opens a gateway to a realm of endless possibilities. Introducing teens to the fundamentals of Machine Learning (ML) ignites curiosity and lays a solid foundation for understanding its principles. Exploring basic concepts provides a grasp of how algorithms operate, empowering them to comprehend complex models. Exposure to various algorithms and models not only broadens their knowledge but also cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Delving into real-world applications illuminates the relevance of AI/ML in today's society, from recommendation systems to autonomous vehicles. Moreover, glimpsing into future prospects sparks inspiration, revealing opportunities for innovation and societal impact. Ultimately, such workshops equip teenagers with valuable insights and skills, preparing them to navigate and contribute to the AI-driven world ahead.

In the course of this workshop, children will learn:

  • Intro to ML
  • Basics of ML
  • Examples of some models and algorithms 
  • Applications in today's world
  • Future prospects

Workshop conducted by Jadavpur University Science Club (JUSC)

As Albert Szent-Gyorgyi eloquently stated, "Science is to see what everyone else has seen but think no one else has thought." Embodying this philosophy is the Jadavpur University Science Club (JUSC), a dynamic organization cultivated by the ingenious minds of Jadavpur University students. JUSC serves as a vibrant hub for nurturing innovative ideas and translating them into impactful endeavours, recognizing that science finds its true essence in practical application. Through flagship events like Srijan, JontroTontro, and TechKnow Cradle, JUSC orchestrates platforms for intellectual exchange and hands-on exploration. The weekly magazine, Mutate, serves as a beacon of cutting-edge scientific insights. With a plethora of activities aimed at kindling the flames of scientific curiosity, JUSC ignites the passion for discovery within every individual.

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