• Towering Creations: The Art of Cardstacking (8-18 yrs)
Towering Creations: The Art of Cardstacking (8-18 yrs)
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Jun 6, 2024  -  Jun 8, 2024
8:30 AM  -  10:30 AM
Sri Sri Academy, 37A, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027
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Towering Creations: The Art of Cardstacking (8-18 yrs)

Learning card stacking, the art of building intricate structures using playing cards, offers a myriad of benefits beyond just honing manual dexterity. It sharpens focus and concentration as one carefully balances and aligns each card, promoting mindfulness and patience. The process encourages problem-solving skills as builders experiment with different arrangements and techniques to achieve stability. Moreover, it fosters creativity, allowing individuals to express themselves through unique designs and architectural marvels. Card stacking also serves as a stress reliever, offering a meditative outlet for busy minds. Ultimately, mastering this art form not only results in impressive structures but also cultivates mental agility and a sense of accomplishment.

In the course of this workshop, children will learn:

  • Introduction to Cardstacking: familiarising participants with the art of cardstacking.
  • Basic Structures: creating simple structures and pyramids using playing cards, focusing on the fundamental skill of balancing.
  • Techniques: introduction to various techniques such as the pyramid, grid, and pipe column, providing step-by-step instructions on how to execute each method effectively.
  • Stacking Larger Structures: guiding participants on the process of stacking larger and more complex structures.

Workshop conducted by Guinness World Record holder Arnav Daga

Arnav Daga is gaining recognition field of card stacking, where playing cards are meticulously balanced to form intricate structures and models, without the aid of glue, tape, or tricks. With a passion for the art of balance, Arnav brings years of experience and expertise to his craft. His journey began at the age of 8 when card stacking became a cherished pastime, evolving into a lifelong passion. Throughout his career, Arnav has achieved remarkable feats, including setting numerous national and international records and earning the prestigious Guinness World Record for constructing the largest playing card structure. Notably, he was honored with the Telegraph Edugràph 18-under 18 Award in 2023 for his outstanding talent. Arnav firmly believes that card stacking not only nurtures creativity but also enhances motor skills and cultivates patience. Through his workshops, he aims to inspire individuals of all ages to explore this engaging hobby, providing a wholesome alternative to digital distractions for children and families alike.

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