• Introduction to Mobile Film-Making (13-18 yrs)
Introduction to Mobile Film-Making (13-18 yrs)
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Jun 6, 2024  -  Jun 8, 2024
5:30 AM  -  7:00 AM
Sri Sri Academy, 37A, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027
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Introduction to Mobile Film-Making (13-18 yrs)

Mobile Film-Making nurtures creativity and storytelling skills, allowing students to express themselves artistically and communicate their ideas effectively through film. Secondly, it enhances technical proficiency in using mobile devices for shooting, editing, and sound recording, providing practical skills that are increasingly valuable in today's digital world. Moreover, mobile filmmaking fosters collaboration and teamwork as students work together on film projects, learning to communicate, problem-solve, and compromise effectively. It also empowers students to become content creators in their own right, offering a platform for self-expression and potentially opening doors to future opportunities in the dynamic field of filmmaking.

In the course of this workshop, the children will learn:

  • Storytelling, cinematography, sound, and editing fundamentals.
  • Skills development in scriptwriting, camera techniques, and sound recording.
  • Hands-on experience with mobile filmmaking apps and accessories.
  • Practical application through shooting, editing, and collaborative group projects.

Workshop conducted by Samrat Dasgupta

Samrat Dasgupta is a seasoned director and editor with five years of experience in the Bengali film industry. His diverse portfolio spans commercials, corporate AVs, web series, and feature films. Hailing from a lineage of film technicians, Samrat grew up immersed in the world of cinema, shaping his passion for the craft. For the past two years, he has been the driving force behind Black Tee Studios, a thriving video editing studio. With a dream of directing his movies one day, Samrat's journey is a testament to his dedication and love for the art of storytelling through film.

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