• Theatre Workshop for Seniors (13-18 yrs)
Theatre Workshop for Seniors (13-18 yrs)
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May 27, 2024  -  May 29, 2024
7:30 AM  -  9:30 AM
Sri Sri Academy, 37A, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027
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Theatre Workshop for Seniors (13-18 yrs)

Participating in a theatre workshop enhances children's communication skills by improving articulation, projection, and emotional expression. Theatre offers a safe environment for emotional exploration, fostering awareness and regulation. Through acting, movement, and storytelling, children develop authentic self-expression, boosting self-awareness and esteem. Additionally, theatre encourages creativity and imagination through character exploration and improvisation, promoting innovative thinking.

In the course of this workshop, the children will learn:

  • Ice-Breakers: Engage participants and foster a comfortable atmosphere for interaction.
  • Voice & Speech: Develop vocal techniques and clarity of speech for effective communication on stage.
  • Emotions & Expressions: Explore various emotions and methods to express them authentically in performance.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Cultivate cooperation and mutual support among participants to enhance ensemble work.
  • Stage Dynamics: Understand the spatial dynamics of stage performance, including movement and blocking.
  • Improvisational Theatre: Enhance spontaneity and creativity through improvisation exercises and games.
  • Create your own story: Encourage participants to collaborate and devise original narratives, fostering creativity and ownership in storytelling.

Workshop conducted by Shriek of Silence

Shriek of Silence is a multi-lingual theatre institution from Kolkata, founded in 2012. It primarily uses theatre as a medium for education, entertainment, awareness and life skill development. One of the core areas of work of Shriek of Silence is Children’s theatre, having worked with schools, colleges, studios, clubs and private collectives. Shriek of Silence aces in formats of Musical theatre, Nukkad Natak or Street Plays, Dramas, and Comedies having produced over 120 productions to date, led by Suprovo

Tagore and Ritwika Chaudhuri.

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