• Introduction to Speedcubing (13-18 yrs)
Introduction to Speedcubing (13-18 yrs)
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Jun 7, 2024  -  Jun 9, 2024
5:30 AM  -  7:30 AM
Sri Sri Academy, 37A, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027
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Introduction to Speedcubing (13-18 yrs)

About the workshop:

Speedcubing improves problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and critical thinking. Children develop these cognitive abilities as they strategize and execute algorithms to solve the Rubik's Cube quickly. Children learn to concentrate for extended periods, enhancing their ability to stay attentive and focused on tasks both in and out of the classroom.

In the course of this workshop, the children will learn:

  • About the Rubik's Cube Mechanics: Gain insights into the layers, pieces, and movement of the Rubik's Cube, understanding its structure thoroughly.
  • White Daisy Pattern: Learn the foundational step of forming the white daisy pattern, essential for efficient Rubik's Cube solving.
  • Strategic White Cross Placement: Develop skills in strategically placing white edge pieces to form the white cross on the bottom layer, a crucial initial step.
  • Importance of Algorithms: Grasp the significance of algorithms, step-by-step sequences of moves crucial for efficiently solving the Rubik's Cube.
  • Progression to Solving: Advance through techniques to complete the first layer, solve the second layer, form the yellow cross, position yellow corners, orient them correctly, and finally, permute the last layer edges to achieve proficiency in solving the Rubik's Cube.

Workshop conducted by Hitesh Bhuwalka, an International Puzzle Coach and speedcuber

Hitesh Kumar Bhuwalka, an International Puzzle Coach and Speedcuber has successfully imparted his expertise to more than 300 students hailing from diverse backgrounds across 10 different countries. His dedication to the craft and commitment to excellence have earned him recognition as one of the leading authorities in the field. Hitesh is also one of the winners of The Telegraph Online Edugraph 18 under 18 Awards 2024. Hitesh currently holds a prestigious position among the top 5 speedcubers in India for the 6x6 event category, showcasing his exceptional skill and proficiency in solving Rubik's Cubes of varying complexities. Furthermore, his remarkable achievements extend to securing 8 State Records for West Bengal, demonstrating his prowess and dominance in the regional speedcubing arena.

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